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Author, Trader, CEO TradeGuider Ltd

Gavin Holmes



In 2002 Gavin Holmes had the good fortune to meet Tom Williams, a former syndicate trader who traded with one of the largest stock trading funds in America during the late 1950’s and early 1960’s.

Gavin became Tom’s protégé and over the last 9 years Gavin has become recognized as a worldwide expert in the Volume Spread Analysis methodology and market manipulation.

In 2003 Gavin co-founded TradeGuider Systems to bring the VSA methodology and software to the international trading community. The Company now sells to over 40 Countries.

Gavin has featured as a headline speaker at numerous seminars and webinars around the world. In addition, he has also provided educational courses for the CME Group in Chicago, has been featured as one of the headline traders at the New York and Las Vegas traders expo’s ‘Traders Challenge’ where Gavin traded his live account showing the principles of VSA appearing live and taking trades.

Gavin is author of the book “Trading in the Shadow of the Smart Money.” In the book Gavin discusses how manipulation of the financial markets has been around since the inception of the financial system. Gavin poses the question whether market manipulation is positive or negative for the function of the markets. Gavin is now based in the UK and regularly hosts seminars and events sharing his experience and knowledge developed through talking to hundreds of retail traders each month, most who are finding the markets a challenging environment.

Gavin’s passion is to enlighten the uninformed and uneducated traders and investors who have no idea how the markets “really” work.

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