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United Tax Liens

Jay Drexel



Almost 15 years ago, I was unemployed, my home was in foreclosure, and there was less than $200 in my bank account. I knew I had to do something drastic. So I started researching ways to make more money… That’s when I stumbled across a book on Tax Lien investing. It seemed too good to be true. According to the book, you could get started with as little as $20. I had less than $200 to top it off… I had horrible credit. But I dug in anyway.

That book led me to my first ever live tax sale. It was a MADHOUSE. I couldn’t imagine competing with investors bidding on $50K tax liens. I was ready to leave when another investor explained how to get “Over-the-counter” Tax Lien Certificates… AFTER the live sale. That day I made my first investment in a Tax Lien Certificate. I purchased it for a whopping $72. Months later, I received a check from the county for $85. That was a $13 profit!! Small, but a 18% return on my investment. And then I realized I was on to something.

Today, I currently own hundreds of tax lien certificates in multiple states, making anywhere from 10% to 25% ROI. I’m a full time investor and educator..
mostly investing from my home office.

As you might imagine, Tax Lien Certificate investing has changed tremendously over the years. You no longer have to travel to tax sales to compete with billion dollar investors… You no longer have to spend hours calling county offices or driving around neighborhoods trying to find safe invests.

Now, with the right education and technology, you can invest safely and successfully from the comfort of home… with as little as $20… making your money work for you.

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