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President & Chief Investment Strategist, Altos Trading, LLC (formerly The Trading Profit, LLC)

Jeff Tompkins



Jeff Tompkins has been successfully trading the markets for over 20 years and is the President and Chief Investment Strategist of Altos Trading, LLC (formerly The Trading Profit). Jeff has a B.S. in Finance with a focus in investments, and has successfully completed a trader internship with Morgan Stanley. His firm is focused on the stock, options and currency markets.

As a result of past successes and expected future growth opportunities, the Trading Profit, LLC merged with Altos Trading, LLC on January 1st, 2020.  Over the past two decades he has developed an arsenal of consistently profitable trading strategies, which have remained effective regardless of market conditions. A major component of Tompkins‘ success is the ability to adjust losing trades into winners. Jeff strives to teach his unique techniques and strategies to others who are interested in supplementing or replacing their current income.

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