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Founder, InvestingShortcuts

Jeremy Blossom



Jeremy Blossom is an entrepreneur, investor and the founder of InvestingShortcuts.com, which is a leading website for active traders seeking to find the best tips, tricks and tools to help them become a better investor. With over a decade of investing and trading experience, Jeremy has developed a passion for helping people simplify the art of trading as well as share insights on investing he has gained from working along side some of the brightest minds in stocks, futures, and options trading industry. In addition to starting Investing Shortcuts, Jeremy and his partners have launched several other publishing entities including, but not limited to the the Wealth Protection Institute, Blue Ribbon Retirement, and the Gold Money Report. Today’s markets are unlike anything we have ever seen, Jeremy and his team are going all in on helping people maximize their portfolio’s fullest potential while also trying to protect them during market dips by providing leading content and education on a daily basis. 

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