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CEO & Co-Founder, MarketGauge

Keith Schneider



Keith Schneider has been learning and trading the markets since before his teenage years, with his Uncle serving as a key mentor. Starting college at 16 and graduating from New York University at the ripe age of 20, Keith immediately went on to become the youngest floor trader at the New York Commodities Exchange in 1976. Using his trading profits, Keith bought seats to be able to trade every commodity exchange, allowing him to develop the origins of the Risk Managed Process that is still deployed by MarketGauge today. His first-hand experience as a floor trader inspired Keith to develop technical analysis systems using hand-drawn charts that would eventually be refined and computerized with his first venture, Market Vision.

Market Vision created revolutionary graphics systems, statistical models and computer analytics for global markets. This system was used by several major institutions, some of which included Soloman Brothers, First Boston, and EF Hutton. Keith also utilized these advanced investment tools while managing accounts at Millennium Partners in the 1990’s.

With the increased adoption of the internet, Keith seized the opportunity to create MarketGauge, a service for investors of any experience level or personal economic class. MarketGauge was founded with partner and current President Geoff Bysshe in 1997. The company was created with the goal of developing leading-edge trading systems, indicators and analytics to leverage the internet boom to deliver market analytics and to provide market guidance to the masses. Implementing the tech developed with Market Vision, MarketGauge’s Big View platform was created to include analysis and commentary of global macroeconomic trends. MarketGauge now offers products and services that are designed to be used by everyone from retail traders to veteran experts.

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