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One thing Marina, The Trader Chick, always says, “Day Trading has been the greatest Master Teacher of my life.” That’s because to her Day Trading is much more than just a profession, it’s a lifestyle. It challenges you to become a better person all around and that’s one of the best parts of being a day trader.

Marina started her trading journey on her 40th birthday, almost 8 years ago, when she jumped in with both feet and started trading ES minis (Futures Market) and hasn’t looked back. The journey wasn’t easy and after her breakdown and losing her entire account in a matter of minutes 6 years ago, she had a massive breakthrough that what she was being taught and what she was looking for was way too complex. And realized day trading isn’t complicated, it’s actually simple.

It’s all about the basics and simplifying your strategy. Once you focus on simplicity and not going for the huge targets, but more on building confidence by hitting your smaller price targets, you build emotional capital, which leads to building financial gains.

Today Marina’s simple strategy helps make day trading accessible to all people, who never thought it was possible for them to start trading, to become confident and consistently profitable in the markets.

Transforming lives one trade at a time!

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