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Founder, Certus Trading

Matt Choi, CMT



Matt Choi is a trader educator with over 17 years of experience trading the markets as a successful retail trader.  He is considered an outsider.  An underdog (because they say only 10% of traders make it).  He never worked on Wall Street betting with other people’s money.  He traded his own hard-earned salary and for years, struggled in his trading; until he met the late George Fontanills (founder of Optionetics), who became his mentor. 

George taught Matt to follow his strengths and trade according to his personality.  This advice marked the turning point in Matt’s trading career.  Matt followed his strength with numbers and data and honed his technical analysis skills by becoming a Chartered Market Technician (CMT).  He uses technical analysis to swing trade Options, ETFs, Commodities, FOREX, and stocks.

Matt believes trading education should be practical and executable, and theories belong in textbooks.  He has helped thousands of traders find success through his simple and practical trainings.

Matt knows exactly the pain and struggles traders go through everyday in front of their computers because he has been there.  His rule-based strategies work because they eliminate the noise and emotions that get in the way of consistent profits.  He has co-authored The Winning Way (an Amazon Bestseller) with Brian Tracey in which he shared his winning mindsets that help him consistently win in the markets.

He founded Certus Trading to share his hard-learned knowledge and unique experience with other traders and enjoys leading trading masterminds with traders from around the world.  As a wine lover and foodie, Matt loves travelling the world with his family.

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