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CEO, WallStreet.io

Micah Lamar



Hello, my name is Micah Lamar and I’m the CEO of WallStreet.io

WallStreet.io is a community of traders and engineers. We’ve built a completely unique set of swing trading analysis tools that our community members can use to help them get better timing on their entries and exits.

Our focus is on helping traders who are having a hard time getting through the profitability curve. Here’s how…

We’re optimizing indicator settings to improve our trade timing.

Right now the #1 AAPL MACD setting is doing amazingly well. I’ve filmed a quick video that I’m giving away to everyone for free!

Discover the #1 MACD settings to use for AAPL

We make higher probability trades using big data!

I started WallStreet.io with the belief that a retail trader can make smarter, higher probability trades if they could use big data to understand their risk and reward.

So I assembled a team to help me build 3 things…

#1 strategy testing machine to quickly backtesting our strategy ideas.

#2 a results display to make it easier to see if a strategy is good or not.

#3 a notification system to tell us when the strategies we found that we like are starting and stopping.

In the end the goal was to only spend 15 minutes a day managing our trading.

The good news is that our team accomplished all our goals. We completed the project and deployed it to WallStreet.io community and now our members are reaping the benefits.

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