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Lead Options Trader, Netpicks Trading

Mike Rykse



Mike started trading back in 2002 while a finance major in college. It was quickly apparent during one of his first business classes that there was great wealth to be made in the stock market. Not one to be patient and wait for his degree to start making money, Mike discovered the great leverage that can be used in the options markets. This allowed him to start trading options with a very small account size while still in college.

Mike found success early in his trading career and decided to take the leap into full time trading soon after. Along the way, he had to learn many lessons the hard way like so many retail traders can relate to. It wasn’t until a visit to the floor of the CBOE (Chicago Board Options Exchange) that he realized he had to put a system in place that he could stay disciplined to.

In 2006, Mike discovered the NetPicks Trading systems and quickly became a customer. This was the missing piece to the puzzle. Having a methodology in place with entry, targets and stops clearly defined before getting into a trade has allowed him to see consistent growth in his account over the last 12 years.

Mike started out using the NetPicks systems to day trade the bond futures along with the U.S. Index futures. While the excitement of day trading was appealing initially, Mike quickly found the swing trading approach to work much better for his personality. As a result, he made the transition to the options markets.

Mike joined the NetPicks team as a trading coach in 2008. He quickly became the resident options expert and has been Lead Options Instructor since 2009. During that time, Mike has had the privilege of working with thousands of traders and enjoys the opportunity to help others reach their trading goals.

Mike has authored multiple different options trading strategies over the years. It started with the Options Fast Track program which has been used by over 1300 traders. Over the last 2 years, he has also helped hundreds of students work through the Options Academy program which is a comprehensive training course that covers all of the options tools that Mike uses to generate his income from the markets.

Mike knows what it takes to succeed in the markets and looks forward to helping other trades reach their trading goals with the Netpicks Trading systems.

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