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Chief Commercial Officer, The Small Exchange

Peter Mulmat


Pete Mulmat is the host of Splash Into Futures, a daily futures show that navigates the futures markets, teaching a multitude of strategies for trading futures. He also highlights the efficiency and simplicity of the Small Exchange futures products on Small Stakes alongside his pal, Frank Kaberna. When not on the network, Pete acts as Chief Commercial Officer at the Small Exchange.

Pete brings over 30 years of experience trading futures and options at the Chicago Mercantile Exchange to the tastytrade network. Prior to joining tastytrade, Pete was the director of education at CME Group, where he was responsible for educating retail traders about CME Group products and helping create curricula to support trader development. He also served as a founding principal and managing member of Aspire Trading LLC, a proprietary trading firm that funded and mentored professional traders as well as provided execution and education for retail customers.

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