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COO, Total Team

Rachel Scava



I started my professional career with aspirations to work as a lawyer, which soon developed into specializing in human resources. Since then, I’ve come across several businesses that needed my help with hiring, training and measuring their teams. I successfully achieved this from the knowledge I’ve acquired while building Fully Accountable and taking companies from 2 to 100 employees.

Starting a small business is one of the greatest accomplishments, which is why I’ve chosen a career dedicated to helping owners reach their highest potential. I’ve found that one of the most challenging things for businesses is building high performance teams.

That is why we started Total Team – where we help businesses Hire, Train and Retain ‘A’ Players! As the leader in your business, it’s critical to be the chief evangelist to your team! We know that you also do NOT have the time to be an expert at hiring, training and retaining your team members. We also know that your business lacks the effective tools to succeed at securing and retaining ‘A’ players.

As COO, my primary role is the daily operations and my efforts are dedicated to our team; processes and systems; and service offerings. I am responsible for building my team, training them with all the tools and knowledge to be successful, and measuring their key metrics to promote high performance.

I am passionate about helping companies build successful teams and specialize in providing value for small businesses through my education, experience and legal background.

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