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Creator, Intuitive Development Training

Ray Burchett



In 2005, Ray Burchett designed Intuitive Development Training (IDT), to fill a learning gap unintentionally created by higher education, trading, and professional development experts.

Contrasting traditional work environments with the hyper-dynamic trading pit; revealed the elements causing high intuitive function to occur, and the beliefs and behaviors developing and supporting them. Hyper-dynamic environments present so much information so fast high intuitive function must be achieved keep decisions ahead of real-time events. Rapidly advancing technology, by dramatically increasing the volume and speed of information, is likely transforming your professional environment into a hyper-dynamic one.

Traders began using Intuitive Development Training (IDT) in 2009, to push decision-making further ahead of price movement – www.trust1st.com.

In 2015, senior intelligence officers, working within the Department of Homeland Security, began using IDT to see further out on the threat horizon. In 2017, Ethics & Performance Training, based on IDT was released to provide small teams and start-ups with a comprehensive professional development and team building solution. The IDT Core is now the foundation for Resilience & Performance Technology (RPT), a prophylactic to mitigate PTSD – www.theotherai.com

In 1997, Mr. Burchett co-founded Local Knowledge to pioneer on-line trader development; and in 2001 leveraged technology created by Digital Integrator to provide the lowest latency quote delivery platform UltraCharts.

As a Member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (1983 – 2004), Ray served on the S&P 500 Pit, Pit Oversight, Technology, and IOM Nominating Committees.

Mr. Burchett began his career working as a CPA, in Arthur Andersen’s Small Business Audit and Tax Division in Chicago. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana.

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