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Expert Trading Educator, Altos Trading, LLC

Richard VanRich



Richard VanRich has been working behind the scenes and on the front lines of The Trading Profit for nearly five years. Richard has helped co-create and administer The Trading Profit’s coaching programs alongside Jeff Tompkins. He has the privilege of assisting their 17,500 students worldwide with reaching their trading, financial and life goals through The Trading Profit’s many programs and services.

Prior to joining The Trading Profit, Richard VanRich spent more than twenty years in Operations, Sales & Finance as a Consultant, CFO, COO, and Co-Owner of several businesses in the Southeast. Selling his stake in a demanding, although successful partnership in late 2012, lead Richard to become a trader so he could enjoy life and stop exchanging his time for money. His frustrations and passion for trading lead him to seek out a mentor. A faithful search lead Richard to Jeff Tompkins which was the beginning of a huge transformation in his trading results. Two years after joining The Trading Profit, he was able to fire his last customer and reach his dream of trading full time to enjoy life, while helping others do the same.

Over the years, Richard has become one of the leading options trading coaches online with Jeff Tompkins. The Trading Profit truly believes in leaving no student behind and strives to give all their members the support they need to become successful. Their newest endeavor is an exciting new signal software called TradeTrend which was launched in early 2019 to rave reviews.

Today, he spends his time with his wife raising his young daughter, coaching students with The Trading Profit, all while trading less than two hours per week. He’s grateful to Jeff Tompkins, trading pioneers like Rob Hoffman, the trading industry itself, and humbly feels like he has the greatest opportunity in the world by leading fellow traders to reach their goals.

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