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Performance/Life Coach & Co-Founder Miller Dayne Global Trader Network

Robin Dayne



It would be so easy to post a resume listing all Robin Dayne’s accomplishments. But a resume doesn’t really explain Robin Dayne, the person, what she is really all about and how together you can achieve the success in your life, profession or trading.

First, Robin turned professional at age 13 dancing with Leningrad Kirov Ballet Company from Russia which demonstrates her discipline and commitment to excellence. At 18 she added professional model to her resume. Throughout her life, Robin has remained committed to achieving excellence and this has secured her in the top of her profession as The Trader’s Coach.

Currently (and for the past 21 years), she is a personal trader and coach to thousands of diverse high-level traders, professionals and individuals assisting them in achieving their financial and personal goals. Robin has revamped,studied and combined her personal trading experiences and with proven NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programing) techniques has created a unique and proven methodology for over-coming the day to day challenges all traders face. Robin’s specialty is working with traders managing multi-million dollar portfolios and professionals in high-stress environments providing them with methods that over-come their fears and obstacles.

Many radio shows request Robin as a guest after she hosted for four years, her own very successful show “Elite Masters of Trading,” where she profiled the attributes of the top traders mental aspects and the solutions they used to overcome their challenges. These emotional “secrets” of success have added to the dynamics of her own techniques.

She has been featured on CNBC Power Lunch, ABC’s News 20/20, TheStreet.com, BusinessWeek, TastyTrade, CFRN Network, with training venues at the CBOT and CME, newspapers, trade shows, and chat-rooms, discussing the emotional challenges faced by all levels of traders and offering “real-life” proven solutions. As the Trader’s Coach, Robin guides traders to mastering the part of trading responsible for 90 percent of the trade success by integrating specific mental disciplines to trading strategies.

A trader herself, her experience comes directly from Wall Street giving her first-hand knowledge of the emotional demands the industry presents. Robin’s background consists of 18 years in the high technology industry with various computer companies including, Compaq and Data General, culminating as the Asia Pacific Marketing Manager with Digital Equipment Corp. Intl.

Robin teaches techniques that focus on the connections the mind makes to emotions, and has modified many NLP techniques for the specific needs of the trading environment. She studied and honed her techniques from such masters as Anthony Robbins, Grindler & Bandler and others who are the leaders in this area.

This all adds up to:

10 years Professional Dancer/Model
18 Years in the high tech industry
21 years studying developing, building and mastering the skills of Neuro-Linguistic Conditioning for coaching traders and professionals looking to achieve higher levels of success in life and business.

But her work and constant desire to give back doesn’t stop there. Robin took the initiative to develop and implement the Fresh Start program for women serving time in the Goffstown Women’s Federal Prison in New Hampshire. She taught and coached for three years graduating 82 convicted felons. The program was very successful, saving the state $62,000 per inmate per year with its lowrecidivism rate. The results of the program defied normal statistics. Of the 82 graduates, only one has returned to prison while the national recidivism rate stands at 80 percent.

Currently, Robin volunteers with Red Rock Search and Rescue and is NASAR Certified as well as being a Metro Volunteer Policefor the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police department.

Robin has dedicated her life to assisting and coaching individuals to reach their potential, whether it is a professional trader beginning in the business or a portfolio manager with a multi-million dollar account, as well as athletes overcoming the fears they face during competition. She works as hard as the demands she requires from each of her clients and is dedicated to the excellence of their success.

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