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Creator of The Probability Analysis Layer™ and Market Vulnerability Index™

Roger Khoury

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Roger Khoury is a market forecasting expert, who specializes in helping his clients achieve unparalleled market risk forecasting consistency.

Roger has more than 20 years of experience and over 16,000 investment positions have been executed since 2011, proving the robust timelessness of his proprietary analysis and forecasting model.

His ability to consistently transform a trader’s experience in the market, reliably bridging the gap from where a trader is now, to where they want to be, is unrivaled in the industry.

Roger’s proprietary analysis and forecasting model provides a level of clarity, forecasting accuracy and trading confidence that was not possible before his creation.

His counter-intuitive approach to analysis and forecasting is based on market principles that don’t change, even when the market does, which has been the bedrock for the consistency and sustainability in trading profitability his clients enjoy.


Be sure to attend one of the most eye-opening and insightful professionals on trading the markets with the kind of consistency and performance levels once only reserved for pit traders.

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