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Senior Trader, MarketGeeks

Roger Scott


Roger Scott is a successful entrepreneur with over 22 years of experience in the financial markets industry. It all started when a college friend introduced Roger to short term stock trading in the early 90’s.

Mr. Scott continued trading while attending college and later law school, earning his law degree in the process.

Roger remembers the times he would excuse himself from class lectures and run downstairs to the payphone to call his stock broker for quotes.

Shortly after completing law school and spending many years simultaneously studying advanced technical analysis, risk control, money management and systematic trading, Mr. Scott became a successful futures broker and a hedge fund manager, with experience trading stocks, index futures, commodities, options and foreign currency markets.

Roger retired from the institutional trading world over a decade ago.

After retiring from the hedge fund world, Roger created both Market Geeks and Options Geeks brands, to help people all over the world reach their financial goals through solid education and trading methodology. Roger is the most recent addition to the Become A Better Trader research team focusing on advanced stock and options swing trading strategies.

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