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Founder, LaDucTrading.com

Samantha LaDuc



Samantha LaDuc, founder of LaDuc Capital LLC, is a Macro-to-Micro strategic technical analyst, educator and trader. She grew a small technology company (family of 60) for 10 years before selling it and has been actively trading and investing since 2008. Samantha has a unique perspective in scanning/synthesizing what will move, why it is moving and how to trade it with risk-defined options. She specializes in outliers with velocity–on any timeframe.

With a chart pattern and volatility focus, she advises day traders through asset managers. Her mentoring helps clients “fill in the gaps” between guessing and knowing when to enter and exit an options or equity trade based on macro, value, sentiment, intermarket and technical analysis. Since process and performance matter, she details both for members with Real-Time, Brokerage-Triggered, Trade Alerts sent via SMS/Email/Web.

You can find her Fishing for Intraday and Swing Trades while providing Risk Management Trade Set-Ups and Mentoring in her LIVE Trading Room, Slack workspace, Brokerage-Triggered Trade Alerts and Macro-to-Micro Newsletter; all found at LaDucTrading.com.

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