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Tim Ord



Tim Ord has been a respected figure in the financial industry for more than 25 years.  He’s a University of Nebraska graduate (1973) BS in Mathematics with a teaching degree.  He has been licensed with a Series 7, 63, 4 and 24 brokerage licensed and held the office of vice president and Option principal.

He placed 4th nationally in the “The United States Trading Championship” in 1988 in the option division. In 2002, Tim placed ninth in total returns with “Schreiner Capital” (money management firm) out of 294 money managers.

He is frequently in the top ten market timers in “Timer Digest” and placed  #1 gold timer for one year ending 1/13/06.  He placed 4th  in the nation in total returns for gold for the last ten year period reported by “Timer Digest”.

Tim Ord writes and publishes the much respected market letter “The Ord Oracle” (www.ord-oracle.com) that he founded in 1990.  The Ord Oracle market letter is emailed four days a week, Monday through Thursday and covers the S&P, and the Gold market.

In the early 1990’s Tim Ord introduced a new trading method using the NYSE Tick index combined with candlestick charting.  Several articles where published about this method in the “Stock and Commodities Magazine” in the early to mid 1990’s.  This method is now used worldwide by short term traders.

Tim has had numerous articles published from 1991 to present in “Stock and Commodities Magazine”.  His last one published by “Stock and Commodities Magazine” appeared in the July 2005 issue.  That article covered trading rules he developed using price and volume.

In 2004 he developed a software program for stocks and index trading that uses the volume strength in a swing to determine buy and sell signals.  Tim calls his software program “Ord-Volume” and is actively marketing this program worldwide.  He has given numerous seminars from coast to coast along with lectures to financial groups.

In 2007 he combined is knowledge and experience and put in writing in a book called “The Secret Science of Price and Volume” published by Wiley Trading.

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