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CEO and Founder, Trading Concepts

Todd Mitchell



I began reading about, studying and researching the mar¬kets back in 1987, while I was still in college. Then, in 1988, I started to actively trade the markets with real money. My interest, which quickly led into fascination, in the fu¬tures and stock market began when I used to manually update my father’s charts on a daily basis. In 1990, when I graduated from college with a Business Finance degree, I decided to trade full-time because I had seen, firsthand, how much money could be made trading.

After a few successful trading years following college, I tweaked and perfected my trading strategies. I decided to use my knowledge and experience to launch Trading Concepts in 1994 to help fellow traders, just like yourself.

Trading Concepts quickly established a reputation as one of the industries finest educational companies due to the powerful trading strategies that I developed. Combining powerful futures and stock trading strategies with sound trade and money management techniques, I have been able to help Individual at-home retail traders gain the power knowledge base that had previously only been available to professional institutional traders.

Today, I teach new and experienced (and everyone in between) traders worldwide how to succeed in today’s markets. I demonstrate step-by-step trading strategies in clear, concise terms, mixed with analogies and examples throughout all my courses and personal mentoring program. You will therefore gain the correct mindset and money management techniques for trading whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or more experienced trader. I not only thank my dad to this day for introducing me to the markets, but for teaching me many Valuable trad¬ing lessons that I still use today.

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