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Author, The Backpack Trader

Troy Noonan



Troy has been with NetPicks since 2006 and has more than 17 years of extensive trading experience in forex, futures and stocks. He spun off his own company, Netpicks Trading in 2018.

He has extensive experience in developing comprehensive trade plans for individual investors including risk management, money management, and trade psychology.

He is also an accomplished entrepreneur, having a direct hand in cultivating multiple businesses ranging from entertainment, service-based, and non-profit organizations alike.

He has hosted a successful live traderoom for 13 years. Necessity is the mother of invention and his many thousands of live market “hours” has put him in a unique position and enabled him to create some of Netpicks most successful trading strategies, used by thousands of traders in over 110 countries.

Strategies such as Seven Summits Trader, Trend Jumper, Counter Punch Trader and now his newest, Spotlight Power Trader all of have stood the test of time and continue to be effective today, as well as when they were first made available.

He is passionate about his work, which includes teaching others the art (and science) of trading and creating novel trading techniques and strategies that help traders achieve their goals.

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