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Founder, Bitcoins Wealth Club

Vitaliy Dubinin



Vitaliy Dubinin is a cryptocurrencies trading and investment expert. He’s also a passionate online entrepreneur that has dedicated the last four years to helping people all over the world achieve a lifestyle of freedom and wealth. In 2017 he founded Bitcoins Wealth Club that is educating over 135,000+ people worldwide the most effective strategies to grow wealth with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Since he discovered Bitcoin and how it’s revolutionizing the world of money, it became his obsession to teach others. After implementing effective trading and investing strategies, he grew his portfolio to over $800,000 within one year starting with just $7,000.

His gift is to simplify the training so that everyone can quickly learn the fundamental and technical analysis of how cryptocurrencies work and how to properly invest into crytpocurrencies and ICOs to minimize risk and maximize returns.

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